Heartbreak Kid….

It’s heartbreaking really….when a movie company sends you odd, useless stuff like a paper cup(for popcorn?), three bumper stickers, and inexplicably, ear plugs, you know the movie su…I mean, isn’t very good.

Seriously the money spent on “promotions like these must be staggering, and for what? I’ve always wondered about the decision making process at film promotion units that maybe go something like this….
“OK, guys we need a way to open HK”
“HK?”, asks someone in the corner of the room…
Heartbreak Kid, idiot. Get with the lingo….AIT for An Inconvenient Truth, you know.”
“But wouldn’t you do that for a film that is talked about so much that you need a nickname to shorten it with? I mean, no offense, but I haven’t really heard a lot of people talking about Heartbreak Kid, ummmm, HK”.
“Shut up. Ideas?”
“How about HK hats?”
“Too expensive, next.”
“How about bumper stickers and cheap paper cups sent to media people everywhere? And maybe some cheap ear plugs.”
“Hey, that should do it. Make it so, number one.”
And so it came to be that mailboxes at tv, radio stations and newspapers all over the country (the world?) were stuffed with big envelopes that contained bent paper cups and bumper stickers that immediately contributed to the trash problem in the nation. Sigh. And really…what are the earplugs about? Maybe you have to see the movie to get it. Ummmmm, maybe a rental, later.

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