Back from New York!!

Each and every time I go to New York, I figure out a little more of the subway system, or I think I do. Having a metro card makes everything quicker and “easier”, but discovered the hard way that on the weekends, when transit does their repair and maintenance work, the trains become as one person told me…”Screwy”. I couldn’t disagree, as the hard to understand became downright confusing, so it seems as though one is(and one really is) spending a great portion of the day underground. Oh well.

Restaurants…what a joy there. Started with Saturday lunch at Morandi on Waverly Place in the west Village…”casually racy Euro-style dining” one review calls it…. a fabulous spinach salad with chevre, tiny raisins and pine nuts(so good we almost ordered another one), grilled salmon panini, white wine, sitting at a sidewalk table as though you were in Paris on a gorgeous day…what’s not to like?

Had dinner that night on 10th Street at Bobo(remember the book Bobos in Paradise, about bourgeois bohemians that coined the term “bobos”? Yeah, well if the shoe fits….
The w. village townhouse restaurant is very new(open one week and 5 days the waiter told me), very very pretty inside. Had a most unusual bouillabaisse….seemingly individually roasted seafood, around which a wonderful seafood broth was then poured. Different but delicious, and reasonably priced…quite smart this place.

Tried Five Points in Noho for Sunday brunch….It’s another hot spot….we couldn’t get reservations but got a seat at the bar. I obviously ordered something most people don’t….pork confit on polenta..the bartender looked down the menu as though I were trying to order something that didn’t exist…now that makes you think, hmmmm, maybe the wrong choice? But the dish was wonderful….
and they make a rose sangria, which was lovely and refreshing on what turned out to be more of a summer weekend in New York than an autumn one.


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