A terrible night’s sleep….

I really hate not sleeping well, which I did not last night, and I’m a person who really values her sleep. A lot. The problem is, I’m traveling today, to New York, and leaving home always leaves me with this creeping sense of unease that usually hits in the middle of the night…a feeling that things won’t be done as I usually do them, and other things will be left undone…where will it end, where will it end?

And I repacked during the night, in my mind at least. Seriously, I don’t understand why I don’t just get up and do the physical action of rethinking my clothing choices, AND shoes…especially shoes…instead of just doing it mentally.
Any woman will know of what I speak…if you’re trying to stay in one rather small suitcase such as you see here, shoes take up a lot of room. And in NY, you’ll be doing a lot of waking BUT you still want to look fashionable or reasonably so, and fashionable shoes are NOT walking shoes(asking for a blister there), so you really need both…now you have a suitcase full of footwear. SO much thought and deliberation is required.
I know, the problems of the world weigh heavy on me this morning…the jetsam and flotsam of human existence, but there we are.
And here’s the funny thing, all the problems and cares I conjured up in my mind BEFORE I left, will disappear as soon as I hit the train station. It’s all behind me…who cares if the cats don’t get the exact right mix of food…they’ll be fine. After all , it’s only a weekend…isn’t it?


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