There is really too much good tv right now…I know, I know, the natural selection process will work its cruel, unfathomable ways and soon, some of those shows will be in the tv graveyard, and here’s the thing.
You want to invest your time in a show that you think is gonna make it. It’s just tough to know what that is. Remember Kidnapped and The Nine from last fall? What about The Black Doneghys? Poof…gone..never to be seen again, like yesterday’s news. Several hours wasted there.
Here are things I’ve tivoed AND WATCHED so far this fall. Journeyman…..Star Kevin McKidd is seriously handsome, I’m not gonna lie.. the premise of the show is interesting, but can it sustain every week? Watched 2nd episode…so far so good.

Chuck….Saw the premiere and thought it was amusing….maybe not enough to take up tivo space….and Stan Stovall saw the 2nd episode and thought it was terrible. And since we both enjoyed the movie Sean of the Dead… our taste can’t be that far apart. Can it?
Bionic Woman….pretty good…no judgement yet.
Brothers and Sisters…didn’t waste my time there….it’s back and I like it.
The Unit….back for a 2nd season and better than ever as far as I’m concerned.
Heroes….still love it.
Mad Men….a new find and really well done, about advertising on Madison Ave. in the 60s.
30 Rock….funniest show on tv.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…I’m almost embarrassed to admit I like it. Surely the least pc show on tv…they’ll tackle anything, and in bad taste.
The best new show I’ve watched this season, and my apologies for not telling you about it sooner, but I’m sure the whole first season will be on dvd soon, is Damages starring the fabulous Glenn Close. Surely one of the most intriguing shows of the year…plot turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat…great show.
So, what are you watching?


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