The quest for cheap chicken legs….

OK, anyone who shops in a big grocery store will understand this next story…where a sale on something is listed, but you can’t seem to get the price…everyone seems to 1. have no idea what you’re talking about and 2. they don’t care.
Was in my favorite supermarket last week,where I go everyday for lunch, and saw a sign that said simply,
Now, while there are those of you who will now say “euew”…I really like chicken legs, and that’s a great price, but the only chicken legs around the sign are $1.99 a pound.
So I go to the meat counter that you can see behind, and a man is cutting up something back there….I ask about the legs…
“Where are the chicken legs that are $1.19 a pound? Or do I get the markdown at checkout?”
“Let me go ask”, he says.
Coming back he tells me those chicken legs are the family pack…you know, where you get two hundred chicken legs, not 6.
“But that isn’t where the sign is”, say I, “It’s over there by those chicken legs”
He comes out and goes to look at the sign, presumably to point out where I’ve gone wrong, but there is no other info on the sign…just what I told you.
Exasperated, he says, “Well, that’s not those chicken legs.”
“OK, where are they?”, I ask….that’s not asking too much is it? A price is listed, so surely…somewhere…there are chicken legs for $1.19 a pound.
NOW, a little attitude is copped…”Well, I don’t KNOW, let me SEE if I can find out”.
Off he goes…I wait for a little bit…and then, inexplicably, just give up.
I mean, do I really want those chicken legs that badly to subject myself to all this…and is it worth my time? I decide it isn’t, and leave….fuming….but I still wish I had those chicken legs.


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