I will endeavor to make something I saw yesterday at the insanely huge and fabulous Expo East natural foods show at the Convention Center. Acres and acres of booths of companies that sell organic baby foods, teas, all natural meats, fruit bars, organic fair trade chocolates….and all with samples, natch. So Chuck the photographer and I,when finished with our shoot, wandered happily through this cornucopia of good food…no need to get lunch that day.
But Numi Tea was having a Marteani party later that afternoon….obviously we couldn’t be there, but they showed us how they just took tea bags and put them in bottles of vodka and let them steep for several hours. I guess you could do this any flavor tea….and now I’m trying to find the rest of the recipe….they said it was on their website but I haven’t found it yet…will let you know when I do, and how the ‘teanis taste!!


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