Zodiac and Valley of Elah

Went recently to the Charles Theatre to see a film….one of my favorite spots, as you may know….watched In the Valley of Elah. Wow, what a powerful film. After hearing me describe it, my sister, said, “It sounds pretty grim”.
Well, it’s sobering, perhaps that’s more accurate. It is certainly an indictment of what war can do to young men(and women-who remembers Pfc. Lynndie England?). And not just the war in Iraq, though the film is about that conflict, and a young soldier who has come stateside, and just disappears.
His Dad, played brilliantly by Tommy Lee Jones(I know, he’s always brilliant), goes in search of him. Great, thought provoking flick.
Here’s what Roger Ebert says about Jones….so much better than I could…
Look at the lines around his eyes. He looks concerned, under pressure from himself, a man who has felt pain. Look at his face. It seems to conceal hurtful emotion. He doesn’t smile a lot, but when he does, it’s like clouds are lifting. Listen to his voice, filled with authority and hard experience. Notice when he speaks that he passes out words as if they were money he can’t afford. Whether these characteristics are true of the private man, I have no way of knowing.”

Stopped for dinner across the street at Zodiac…If you’ve never tried it, you really should. They have a great menu…casual but sophisticated food, with more than a few nods to vegetarians. Desserts are always top notch. And again, don’t be scared off by the bars on the windows which do look a little forbidding…it’s nice inside, with a spectacular mural over the bar.


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