Beyond Mascara…..

(a note:blogger has been a naughty blogger website lately, as most people haven’t been able to post in days!-sorry…)Just got a package at work from Melinda, who used to work here at WBAL writing promos for us…she is a very good writer, and we miss her….but that’s not the point of this blog….She sent me a cute card and a product(we both love product) she found in New York where she now lives with her hubby and daughter…..Paint-On False Eyelashes!

It looks like a tube of mascara, made in Japan by Fiberwig, and says it will make you look as though you’re wearing false eyelashes(not sure that’s ever the desired effect of course,”wow are her eyelashes fake or what?”, but you get the idea…LONG LASHES), and supposedly slips off easily with warm water.
I can’t wait to try it tonight….’cause I do use the individual lash clumps, and have finally gotten fairly efficient at putting them on, but this would be much easier. I’ll let you know how it goes…..
OK, since I haven’t been able to post lately, I have tried it….a fabulous mascara, but I’m not sure it gives the length of the fakes….I’m gonna try it again today. Thanks for thinking of me Melinda, and I hope you and the fam are living it up in the big apple!!


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