Just bag it…or rebag it…

Plastic grocery bags have been a pet peeve with me for some time. I try like the devil to remember 1. to bring my cloth bag to bag groceries in, or 2. bring back the plastic bags that I save. And now I’ll get a little reward. SuperFresh is offering a 1 cent rebate when you bring back and reuse one of their bags. And if you bring back paper or use a reusable(again one they sell), you get a 2 cent rebate per bag.

I know, none of us will take a trip to Paris soon on that money, but it is at least a beginning of a commercial establishment to encourage customers to reuse things, not just throw them away and get another one.
Once again, it’s simply learning a different way of doing things, a little change in our habits. I just keep bags and my reusable one in the car, or I try to. It’s little but if we all do it, it adds up to a lot fewer plastic bags that have to be manufactured, and a lot fewer adorning area trees. Geez, I hate that.

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