A Cleaner Current…now available!

Yesterday on 11 News at Five we told you about a new program that Maryland businesses are being offered…. the chance to sign up for wind power to supply part or all of their power needs, with a three year guaranteed rate against rising electricity prices…sweet. And consumers might be offered a chance to sign up sometime in the not too distant future, which would be great.
But let me add a little more information…BGE customers can do that right now through PEPCO. They offer two options…100 % wind power at $0.1308/kWh, and another option of 100 % green electricity(wind farms, solar panels, hydroelectric plants, biomass fuels) at $0.1248/kWh. BGE power rates are around $0.11/kWh, so if you use say, 1000 kWh a month, your bill would be around 15 bucks a month higher.

Good heavens, why would anyone be crazy enough to want to pay more for their power bill???? It’s not that I want to, but I’m willing to. I want to help reduce greenhouse gases….I want to save conserve energy supplies…and I want to use more renewable resources like wind and solar. I’d love to have enough solar panels on my roof(I don’t have even one now), like Larry Hagman, to be off the grid. Hagman’s energy bill went from $37,000(yes, no decimal points) last year, to $0.13 this year. Sure he has a BIG house…how else do you get a bill for 37 grand? And yes, he spent a bundle on the solar panels, but now he can also supply power for free to 5 lower income families.
That’s really sweet.


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