Did you catch the “booty cam segment” on the
Today Show this morning? Seriously, that’s what they called it. Featuring jeans for all body types and the most important thing…how you look from the back…..and jeans to flatter any figure, though I suspect there really is no such jean.
I remember when shopping for jeans was pretty simple really….and not too long ago. Most stores had a few different cut pair of jeans, you tried them on until you found one you could tolerate, and buy them Now jeans are a lifestyle decision. Stores have seemingly endless options, boot cut, straight leg, skinny leg, flares, dark wash, light wash, low rise, high rise(better known as “mom jeans”, and ones that are best for the majority…a nice mid-rise.
For me, shopping for them is a little intimidating, horrendously time consuming and more than once it’s been depressing, so I just don’t wear jeans that much.
Here’s what I learned from watching the segment…For women who are “gifted back there”…simple, simple pockets….nothing extra. For women who aren’t “gifted”, wide pockets and back flaps can add a little volume. But hey, if it’s volume you’re looking for, search no further than the “butt pad panties” you see to the left. it’s kinda shocking to think about, but some people really do want bigger as….I mean, derrieres.


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