Funky water….

From time to time I get odd things that have been sent to me…new food products supposed to be healthier, carbon monoxide detectors, kits to organize your medical records…you get the theme.
The latest to come in was Twist Organic Water. 100 % natural the label says, no preservatives, and “Simply a twist of juice”. It came in quite a few flavors…blueberry, mango acai, lemon, pomegranate….so I invited fellow workers to give them a try….Comments from men included…
“Better than nothing but not much.”
“Kind of has a bad aftertaste, don’t you think?”

Women said….”It’s pretty good.”
“I like it.”
You see how upbeat we are? Easy to please, not so negative all the time.
Willing to give a new product a chance. And I must say, the label does say it’s better when chilled, so I put one in the frig, and it was better.
But here’s the thing…it’s a 19 oz. bottle…not big,just a regular size bottle of water, and it says there are two and a half servings in that bottle! I don’t think so.
And if you are watching the calories(I know, Oprah’s Dr. Oz say you don’t need to), there are 25 in the bottle from the sugar in it (2g a serving), and it’s not sweet!
Sooooooo, I’d have to give Twist organics water a 6 out of 10? I think I like just regular water better. If I need to twist in some lemon juice…I can, without the 25 calories.


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