The Maestra Cometh….

This is a little peek into the world of Marin Alsop, the country’s first female conductor of a major orchestra. It’s a corner of her beautiful dressing room at the the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall downtown Baltimore,…you might have seen the feature on the room’s extreme makeover by Nouveau(great store) in Style Magazine. I had a chance to interview Marin yesterday, which you’ll see next week…about her first full season here. She was fascinating to talk with….not that I expected anything else, but on a busy, busy day that she had set aside to do media, and interviews were lined up back to back(we had 30 minutes)…she was calm, pleasant, erudite, funny, and completely in the moment. Not at all distracted or thinking about the NEXT interview or the drive to DC for National Public Radio.
She spoke about the ceiling that women composers hit about mid level, and what she thinks it will take for more to break that ceiling, which she has done. And the challenge to reach out to a new audience, a younger audience , yet not alienate your loyal core. Not an easy task, but she has some fascinating things she is doing this season….first $25.00 tickets…don’t dilly-dally, this has been so successful, they’re almost sold out of those…and things like C.S.I. Beethoven!
Marin admits to being an addict of forensic crime shows, and so they will conduct a forensic autopsy of Beethoven, complete with his music, a doctor talking about why Beethoven went deaf, why he died and some of the great composer’s hair! Now that’s different. And fun.
And guess what’s one of the favorite songs on Marin’s I-Pod list? Dixie ChicksI’m Not Ready to Make Nice. You go girl, and stay tuned…more from this woman cutting a new path, next week.


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