Hair, cupcakes and candles…

Sounds kind of like a dangerous mix…like when I saw a huge sign in my my native Alabama advertising “GUNS, LIQUOR AND FIREWORKS“….you can’t make up stuff like that. But I digress…
I told you I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend…I didn’t tell you my son(who lives in New York) and his long time girlfriend Jen were in town…he was in the wedding(some call him a professional groomsman), and the rest of us were guests.
Jen has long, beautiful really thick hair…gorgeous, but a handful as she would quickly tell you. So for a wedding she gets a blow-dry and flat iron, something that’s hard to do yourself with hair that long.
So after dropping her off at M Salon in Federal Hill where the magic happens….now what for an hour? When in doubt…cupcakes!

Down to Fort Avenue to the tres cute Baltimore Cupcake Company, which for my money, puts the famous Magnolia Cupcakes in the big apple to shame, and they have lots of other stuff besides. Picked some chocolate, strawberry and vanilla woo…and then roamed around Fed Hill for a while, where I stumbled across Sobotanical on S. Charles St.

What a fabulous smelling place! It used to called Life Smells Good, I guess they figured that wasn’t really always true, so…..Sobotanical.
They make the most wonderful array of scented candles with essential oils, body products, perfumes…luscious stuff, really. And as of last weekend they have 40 % off many of their products, making way for the fall collection. I told the young woman there, I didn’t know candles and creams had seasonal collections…and she assured me that they do….so they’re clearing out the summer stuff. Got some great candles. Now life does smell good!


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