I’ll just say this about being "bloated"…..

Was Britney’s performance at the VMAs polished? No. Did she dance? No. Was she unprepared, unsteady, unfocused? Yes indeed. In fact my first reaction watching (after my daughter called and reminded me “Britney is opening the VMA’s…turn it on!”), was that she was nervous.
BUT, was she “out of shape” as the Washington Post suggested, or “bloated” as The Sun pop music critic Rashod Ollison said…his exact quote….”Decked out in a black sparkly bra and panty set and flanked by writhing dancers, a bloated Spears gave a mechanical performance of her new single, the clubby “Gimme More.”

There were references that were even worse, but let me just say this to every male writer who wants to write about women’s bodies(while men’s are almost never mentioned)….at least 85 percent of the women in this country would kill for her body, Ok? Maybe she isn’t as thin as she was several years ago, but honey, nobody would feel bad walking down the beach in a bikini with that bod. So when you call her bloated or say she has a “bulging belly” (from “E” online), my God, what must the rest of us feel?
Now I know, we’re in an age when women DON’T APPEAR ONSTAGE UNLESS THEY ARE SPLENDIDLY EMACIATED. And now they all know for sure, what happens when you do. Slash and burn.
And here’s the funny thing….while Britney is being crucified for not being as skeletal as everyone wanted, those who are, are then publicly exposed as “having a problem” on the front page of gossip mags. Angelina Jolie who appears to be only skin and bone, with the headline “ANGELINA HAS LOST ALL INTEREST IN FOOD!” No wonder really, with the kind of sick weight fascination phooey going on in this country.
Oh, I have more on this subject…much more, because I’m a woman who works in a medium that encourages these feeling of inferiority if you don’t wear at size 2 or 0. Women who are not at all overweight, made to feel, often by viewers, that they are….the stories we could tell you. And maybe I will….


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