I give up….

Seriously, I have just given up on my razor camera phone…..it takes a picture when it’s in the mood, and let me say…that’s not often. So while I tried in vain this weekend to take a picture of wedding garb, no luck.
So let me just describe it. The outfit ended up being part old, part new. I had a cream satin top that I bought at the end of the summer (on sale of course) at Max Azria….very cute…and I bought a new black pencil skirt, which I had altered a little to make it a little more pencil shaped. (I didn’t pick it up until the afternoon before the wedding…flirting with danger, what if it didn’t fit?)But in the end it was fine.
And I wore a pair of black stilettos, with tiny pleating and ruffle details. Beautiful shoes, but man, not dancing shoes…the next morning you put your feet on the the floor, and ouch!
The wedding was really, really gorgeous…outside under a tent for the reception, on the lawn for the ceremony at the Evergreen House. Really a great location for an outdoor wedding. Just one of those evenings where you have such a lovely time, caught up with some old friends, watched a happy, radiant young couple get hitched….just, nice.


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