What am I gonna wear??

There’s no picture here because I got nuttin’….this problem is in my mind, and ,my closet. I know every woman, and a few men will identify with this dilemma. What to wear to an evening wedding. I am attending one this weekend(yes I know I’m waiting too late to think about it), and I’ll see lots of people that I know. I can’t wear the dress I wore to the last wedding(and to Zoomerang), so that’s out.
And wedding wear is hard….seriously. It is evening so you want to look evening-esque…cocktail, but nothing too crazy or sexy….it’s a wedding, after all, and you are just…the guest.
Now, when people come to me with this problem, I usually remind them that no one is really looking at you anyway, you’ll see a wide variety of things from REALLY overdressed to too casual, and everything in between, so how can you go wrong…blah, blah, blah. In the end you are worried about what YOU will wear, even though you’re not a part of the nuptials.
I cast my first ever vote for a wedding dress on the Today Show this week, I don’t know why. I’ve watched however many Today Show weddings they’ve had each year, and NEVER CAST A VOTE UNTIL THIS WEEK.( I went with the first all lace one.)This voting indicated, I think, an anxiety on my part about wedding wear, and subconsciously I was solving my own problem by helping solve someone else’s. Psycho-babble you say? Maybe, but I think I’m onto something.
An outfit made up of disparate parts is coming into place in my mind…we’ll see how it comes together tonight, and I’ll let you know what I decided….last minute desperation shopping, or pull it together.

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