OK, not really a catastrophe, but a cat crisis in Harford County…the Humane Society there took in 1,000 cats this summer. That’s ONE THOUSAND KITTIES!!!
See Wild Kitty? He used to be a stray, and while he just wandered up to our door and quickly adopted us, there are plenty of cats just like him, and perhaps, if it’s possible… even cuter.
I talked to the Executive Director Tammy Zazuly says their goal is to save the lives of as many of these cats as possible. And to do that, they need your help. You can go to the website of theHumane Society of Harford County website and even see the animals available on line. Trust me, lots of cuties there. And they even have a cageless adoption room….you can interact with the kitty you’re thinking about adopting, instead of petting them through a cage!

If you adopt a cat, you too can have a relaxed friend draped over the corner of your bed and drinking out of your faucet, like Katrina’s cat does…
Remember her cat Dolce, who will only drink water from the tap? Hilarious…..Ah, we we love our kitty cats. Adopt one, and you can be a crazy cat lady, just like me and Katrina!


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