For your consideration…..

I have three movies to consider…two “stoopid” ones, and the last intelligent.
The first stoopid movie,(I took this picture of Christopher Walken while in the theatre-I was that bored) I’m embarrassed to say I wasted two hours of my life (that I’ll never get back) watching this terrible flick. Balls of Fury simply fit the time frame…and it did look amusing in previews. Take this from me. It isn’t. Possibly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. ‘Nuff said about this colossal waste of movie screen.

OK, “Blades of Glory” is the same kind of movie, with one big exception…it is funny. Will Ferrell is terrific(what else is new-I love him), and you will laugh… a lot. What’s not to like?

And number three, and a truly wonderful film on very level, is The Lives of Others. Saw this on dvd….the story of East German secret police, the Stasi…and the people they watch and listen in on, and how the lives of others can indeed affect and change our own. Fascinating and complex, this movie is NOT a waste of your time! Enjoy….


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