Purple…Just for Women?

I got this cup in my mailbox at work a week or so ago…compliments of the Baltimore Ravens. Thinking it wasn’t really the rich shade of purple they normally use, lavender more like it…I read the paperwork that came along with the freebie. Purple is the name of the official Ravens club designed just for women.
Why, you may well ask. Here’s what the RAVENS had to say….
“…the Ravens wanted to make a more comprehensive forum for women, creating a group comprised of Ravens female fans. The group briefly held the moniker Radiant Ravens before taking the name Ravens Women. Now, with more to offer than ever, the Ravens present Purple.” Obviously a group in search of an identity.

And if you’re really into the Ravens, you can elevate your membership to become one of only 200 women called the “Lavender Ladies”. Oh, and this will cost you $250, though you do get tickets to a private autograph session, a set of wine glasses and a Purple day at training camp!
But being just Purple is free.You’ll get a subscription to a monthly newsletter.
Anyway, I now have one of the Purple, Just for Women coffee cups…it’s pretty nice, but I kinda wish it was really purple, not lavender.

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