Same tastes as Cooper Anderson

No this is not Anderson Cooper’s dog, but it is a dog I photographed on my recent trip to New Orleans. SOmehow this little pooch manages to capture the quirky spirit of NOLA..he was out for a wallk with his owner one morning down by the River Walk. It’s a lovely place to head for a morning walk or jog, right alongside the famous Mississippi River, the source of so much fine writing.

But I was watching Wednesday’s Oprah, which was a live program about the anniversary of Hurrican Katrina blasting the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf Coast…it was a terrific show, and I have tivoed but haven’t seen yet Cooper’s special on the storm’s aftermath which aired last night. But he was telling Oprah how he loves New Orleans(so do I), and what a great town it is for a vacation(it is), and how some of the best restaurants in the world are there(so true), and then he mentioned a restaurant I told you about a couple of weeks ago….Stella!.
He said he had one of the finest meals he’d ever had, and Oprah said, clearly interested, “And what’s the name again?” STELLA! I so beat him there first.
It was a great meal…Asparagus Purée with Jumbo Lump Crab, Asparagus Mousse and
Extra Virgin Olive Oil…. Heirloom Creole Tomatoes with Jumbo Lump Crab and Gulf Shrimp Remoulade, Local Cucumber Salad, Three Heirloom Tomato Gazpachos and
Wild Mexican Tomatoes(yes this was all on one plate)….Duck Five Ways ~ Szechuan Seared Breast, Lacquered Leg and Thigh, Moo Shoo Pancake Stir-Fry, Duck Miso Broth, Foie Gras Won Tons and Currant-Cassis Reduction( how fabulous is that?)…and for dessert, Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Delice de Bourgogne and Dark Chocolate Ganache. Unbelieveable meal.
But while my little blog might have gotten a few diners for Stella!, Anderson Cooper just put them ON THE MAP by mentioning them on Oprah….I’d advise calling in advance for reservations if you plan to dine there now!
And a footnote. NOLA also suffers from a lack of workers as thousands of people have never returned. When we went back to The Bistro at the Maison De Ville Hotel for a drink after dinner(we’d had a fabulous lunch there earlier), the same waiter was there…”Long day” I said to him. He replied, “Oh, we all work doubles every day, wait staff and kitchen staff…it’s just the way it is.”


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