Living with Ed Again…

I’m so happy…Living with Ed, a show about actor Ed Begley, Jr. and his commitment(some might say mania including his wife Rachelle), is back on HGTV!
Their first show I tivoed….was an energy audit at the estate of former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs…..she seemed pretty interested in solar power. And an audit at the home of a friend found they had about 130 in-ceiling pot lights…none of which had energy efficient swirl light bulbs. Can you even imagine their electric bill?
And this I didn’t know…you can get those kind of bulbs that save a bundle on energy costs, that LOOK like regular little flood lights to go in ceiling lights.
And did you know that if you leave the cap on a plastic water or soda bottle, even if you recycle the bottle, they just throw it away, because the cap is not recyclable? One woman on the show sighed and said “All those water bottles”….thinking you’re doing the right thing, but because you’re doing it wrong……so no caps! Throw those away.
I think Jay Leno is Living with Ed next… Sept. 2nd…something about hot water. Oooooh, another big energy waster…..


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