Perfect Sunday Afternoon….

It was just one of those terrific afternoons…the horrible heat of Saturday had broken, so while it’s still summer weather, it’s kinda nice summer weather. Started at b, a cute little bistro in Bolton Hill with terrific food and pretty outdoor seating if you so choose. I’ve have enjoyed b since they opened several years ago, but hadn’t been there in a while. Great b burger…juicy and perfectly pink inside….and a lamb ragout omelet. Sounds strange I know, but really eggs are a good neutral for lots of things, not just cheese and veges….the ragout was yummy.

Then onto a wonderful exhibit at the Walters Art Museum on Charles St….Gees Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt.Gee’s Bend is a tiny little town in southern Alabama, where the townswomen became artists, with their art form being the quilt. Colorful, bold, beautiful….six generations of women have passed on their skills, and there has been a recent resurgence of a new generation of quilt makers. the exhibit is there through Sept. 2nd…..and did you know, admission too the Walters is absolutely free? Now there’s a great affordable afternoon. Great exhibit!
And then onto The Charles Theatre to see “No End in Sight”, a sobering documentary about the decision making process before and after the invasion of Iraq, how a different set of decisions might have the U.S. and Iraq in a much different situation today. Definitely worth viewing.
What did you do?


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