My little city girl…..

Before my daughter left for school this past weekend, we were, on a pleasant morning, sitting on the back patio…I mean, outdoor living room….and my now 21 year old glanced up at the tree you see in the picture, and said, “What is fruit doing, hanging from that tree?” and then, “Is that a pear?”
There were so many great lines one could have followed with, but I think I said, “It’s a pear tree. Fruit grows in trees….did you think we taped it on as a joke?”
She said, “Well why is is some fruit tree growing randomly on our patio? Why would I expect that?”
Why indeed. But I told the story of the little pear tree earlier this spring…bought it last year for about 12 bucks, cheap and it filled a space I need filled by tall narrow greenery, AND it had pretty white blossoms. It surprisingly survived the winter in it’s little pot, and then sprouted three pears this spring. I’ve watched them grow all summer, and in a month or so, should be ripe. So, really I’m a fruit farmer, on a small scale of course.
Though just yesterday, the pears are down to two….the lowest pear you see in the picture is mysteriously missing. I thought maybe one fell off, looked all over for it, but nothing….a deer got it? A pear thief? Dunno, but it’s gone.

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