Outsmarting myself….

I recently ordered a down comforter for my daughter to take to college this fall…”I really need it!”….so, I went where I love to shop online…Overstock.com. Ever check it out? They have everything….jewelry, bedding, furniture, all kinds of crap at pretty good and sometimes great prices. I’ve ordered several patio umbrellas from them, and you know how on big bulky items the shipping can be a heart stopper? For Overstock, it’s always $2.95 or less..sometimes free. Love it.
But this comforter wasn’t what I wanted..just not as fluffy as I hoped, so I decided to send it back…you have 30 days to do so. On the Overstock website, they have an easy way to do this….you print out a “Smart label”, stick it on the box, and here you go Mr. Postman. But the label for return is about 17 bucks(what happened to my $2.95?), so I thought “hah, I can do better than that…I’ll take it to the post office, probably much cheaper”.

So off I sail at lunch with my box to the Roland Park Post Office….soooo efficient with my time…get a cheaper price for sending the thing back, grab an iced tea at Starbucks on the corner, and lunch at Eddie’s Supermarket.
Here’s the catch….Overstock suggests you send thing back so you can track them…makes sense I guess…but that costs…yes…$17.95 for this box. So not only have I not saved a dime, I’m also out the time it took to get to the post office, stand in line, discuss my options with the post office lady(who was very helpful by the way),pay for the postage… I’m out an extra 30 minutes, easily. Waaaaah! Take it from me…for anything big…just use the smart label.


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