crAzY pARkINg HaTerS

I am not alone….told you so…

I live in Hampden and I agree with you. You would think it would be easier to pull in to a space going forward to park. And then backing out, when you leave. You look behind you to back out, so you would be looking back to see if traffic was coming toward you and you could see if it is safe to back out. Makes sense to me.
I have seen people trying to back into these spaces. Some do it fairly easily and some take forever, blocking both lanes of traffic of a now smaller and more congested Avenue. I have seen the ones who park by making a turn toward the curd a few spaces before the one they want to park in. They go towards the curb, swing back out in the space they want and back in a little. Then there are the ones who pull in forward from the opposite lane. I know it means a ticket, I wonder if they do? And finally the meters.. they are usually the fartest from where I park. So I have to park, walk down to the meter , go back to the car, and be on my way. Which isn’t bad unless you are going in a complete opposite direction or it’s pouring rain.
I don’t now who’s bright idea it was…I personally don’t like it but I have to deal with it. That kind of parking is from Roland Ave. out to Chestnut Ave. on 36th St. and down Chestnut Ave. to 33rd.St. And I hear they are thinking about going up Roland Ave towards 37th St.

In Hampden HON

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