Strangest Parking I’ve Ever Seen!

What’s going on the main drag in Hampden? Seriously, it is the craziest parking I’ve ever seen….all the cars along the street with with their back bumpers tucked in at the curb. The sign says it all….So instead of angled parking where you simply pull in, in one svelte move, you must drive slightly PAST your spot, pray someone isn’t following too closely, stop, and back in. Why? Why?
I will admit to having a slight prejudice against people I call backer-inners. For reasons I’ve never been able to fathom, rather than just pull into a parking space, a simple thing really, they feel the need to back into the space, which of course takes several back and forths, until they can get the car straight, and then then, mercifully, finally back into the spot, while you sit there and wait for them to complete this ridiculous maneuver. I usually mutter something under my breath which, cleaned up, goes like this…”All ready for your getaway?”
Now this not only tolerated, it is impossible to park any other way on 36th street in Hampden.Genius.

And then, one gets to face this machine to pay for parking. I watched several people stare blankly at them before I got the chance to do so myself. It’s called EZ Park….I’d question that. After studying the options for a while, I fed it a five, and got back a ton of quarters, so as a warning, it is still better to have change, though I suppose it’s a convenience for it to take charge cards.
Anyway, take a look at this new, improved parking system along Main Street, the next time you’re stopping in for a meal at Cafe Hon or Golden West Cafe…if you can figure out why this is better, I’d love to hear it. There must be a method to the madness!


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