Bon Voyage….

This is what my living room looks like right now…kind of like a refugee camp. Piles and piles of clothing, boxes filled with who knows what, and half packed suitcases. This has become one of the staging areas for getting my daughter back to college for the fall.
Actually she’s only been home for a couple of weeks…she took some summer classes and had a job(love that) this summer. She did go on vacation last week, largely family stuff at the beginning and New Orleans at the end. She missed a dinner at the fabulous restaurant Stella!, because I think, she was just….tired of me. Not hostile or unfriendly, just…my story had grown tiresome and she chose to stay in the hotel room.

And when we were at Target earlier this week(what did we do before Target?), picking up coat hangers, shower curtain, STUFF needed for her campus apartment, she sighed,”I can’t wait to get back to school.” And then quickly added, “No offense!”
None taken sweetie, none taken.
I remember when I was all too ready to get away from my parents after a long hot summer. OK, she’s only been home two weeks, but..whatever.
I’ll miss her…she’s good company…for the most part, and we really enjoy being together…for the most part, and she’s helpful around the house..for the most part.
People sometimes ask, do I talk to my kids often…and it’s funny….with my daughter, I talk to her daily…sometimes more than once.Co-dependant? Maybe. But that is counterbalanced by my son who lives in NY, with whom I speak….MAYBE once every couple of weeks? Seriously, can’t the kid even answer my emails?


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