What am I doing here, when tomorrow Saks Fifth Avenue in NY, opens there HUGE new shoe department….10,000 square feet, 100,000 pairs of shoes…so big that, it has its own zip code. 10022-SHOE. Yes, you can address your own shoe requests to Saks at 10022-Shoe.
Clearly, that is a clever publicity ploy(wonder who they talked to for their own zip code?), but if you’re a shoe freak, and a lot of you are, you’ll probably check it out.

You know it’s funny, there was a time I really didn’t care much about shoes..I would have walked right by these Zanotti silver shoes without a backward glance! I had a couple of different heel heights in black, and a brown pair, and I was good to go…I’d wear them until they were worn out, and then replace them. Sensible really.
Alas, those simpler times are gone. Once you start dipping into shoes, you’re starting down the path well trodden by Imelda Marcos..one pretty pair of shoes just leads to another. Where does it end…where does it end??

Where it ends for me is in my closet and my bank account. Neither is nearly big enough to accommodate unlimited shoe purchases…so these Christian Laboutin leopard boots won’t be in my closet or on my feet this falll…not at $1500!! Actually not at $200….I’m not seeing it.


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