Beignets and Cafe au Lait……

Who could go to New Orleans and NOT go to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. It never changes. And on this Hottie McHot trip to NOLA last week, the heat was so intense….an iced cafe au lait seemed in order. Perfect.
Actually, you don’t expect a trip to NOLA in the summer to be anything less than hot, but on this trip the pavement was almost glowing…and felt a little you were walking on hot coals. By 2:00 or so after a great lunch(can you have anything else there?)it was time to retreat to the cool of the hotel room for a nice nap or some time by the courtyard pool, and wait for the sun to go down a little.
I had a fabulous couple of days there….two days in NOLA is about all I can take really, but I do my research on restaurants and choose very, very carefully.
My suggestions if you’re planning on going sometime soon?

#1. Stella! Yes, it does have an exclamation point…truly inventive food combinations, polished service though I saw a napkin hit the floor and several staffers walked right by it for a minute and a half…ok that seems picky, but at these prices, should have been caught sooner…Stella! is hot…make reservataions.
And you will have a fabulous meal.

#2. The Bistro at Maison DeVille Hotel. I stayed at the Hotel some years ago, and even ate at the Bistro, when the now famous chef Susan Spicer was there. She has moved on to open Bayona, but the Bistro has been in great hands for years. I had the best gumbo of the trip there…smooth and elegant. And a fried catfish spinach…..wish I taken a picture, but picture this. A bed of fresh spinach with a fillet of catfish, fried and rolled so it stands up in the middle, surrounded by dabs of Roquefort and a drizzle of a sweet vinaigrette. Simply fabulous.

#3. Cochon…like Stella!, another relative newcomer to the restaurant scene. The name says it all I guess….cochon being French for pig.
Small batch bourbons, moonshine(believe it or not), pork served every which way, spoonbread, creamy grits, and even some very, very fine fish, pictured here.
More on a NOLA later!!


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