Lovin’ the Lake

This is the pole you look for to get to my family’s place on Smith Lake…that’s in Cullman County Alabama. You travel for miles down twisty turny roads, that my daughter loves, because like many rural areas..and this IS rural, the landscape is totally random. You never know what’s around the next turn….a shack with a few rusted cars that haven’t worked in decades, and then down the road, a gorgeous house, then a farm selling tomatoes, corn and guinea pigs. Seriously. We love it.
But you can see from this picture, we aren’t totally without class…. we obviously have some pretty fancy neighbors, or maybe they are.
My Mom and Dad bought the land in 1973….we camped there for a couple of years, then they hauled a trailer up, which really served it’s purpose quite well for years and years….but finally, as it was perilously close to caving in on itself, a house has taken it’s place, compliments of my sister and her husband.

This screened front porch which runs the length of the house is a favorite handout spot….what a view!
When everyone converges on the place, it’s crowded, no doubt about it. But that only lasts a day or two, and people come in and out as their schedule allows.
We barbecue chicken and burgers, get great tomatoes and squash and beans from the little stand down the road, and concoct some pretty fabulous family feasts, followed maybe by dominoes or pictionary, or just a bull session on the porch.

I only get there maybe once a year or so, and often then for only a few days….but some things never change. The clear water, the pine straw, the creak of the dock, the crickets at night…. always seems like I was there just a few weeks ago.

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