Breakfast and lunch, always the same??

People here at WBAL think I’m a little strange because(one reason anyway), I eat the same thing for lunch every day…seriously, every day.
At the salad bar, I get baby spinach, a little broccoli, cherry tomatoes, green peppers(and red if they have them), garbanzo beans, and a few green olives, topped by canned salmon. A little olive oil and vinegar, and you’re cookin’!
I love this salad…never get tired of it…and if you’re wondering why I don’t eat fresh salmon…most fresh salmon is farmed, and the canned salmon is almost always wild salmon, caught in Alaska….and fish experts say it’s the highest in the good fatty acids, and less chance of contaminants.

And for breakfast, again, same thing every morning (though I might have eggs on the weekend)…..
I call it “my concoction”. Special K high protein, no fat organic yogurt, soy milk, raw walnuts or almonds, blueberries and some Splenda….fabulous. I love it so much, that I packed up all the ingredients so I could eat it at work after my fasting checkup yesterday…which was no mean feat, I can tell you. Lots of components, but I did it.


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