Prettiest Calendar ever?

This may be the best looking calendar I’ve ever seen….and it is more for looks than for the keeping of a calendar and writing of appointments etc., but I love it. The Abacus Calendar features lithographs by artist Dana Heacock, from her studio in Maine. My son’s girlfriend’s Mom, Jill, who I got to know in Maine in July, sent me one as they enjoy them too…this is August.

The prints come separately so you can post them on a bulletin board, or frame them, and they sell an acrylic frame that fits them…..I can’t wait for October!

And there’s always a cat, as you can see from a month that I missed, and the one for December is a black lab looking at snowflakes. Kinda makes you look forward to winter, especially in heat wave like this. Oh, and you can also buy the prints without the calendar on them…..

One Response

  1. Hi Donna,

    I just stumbled upon your enthusiastic review of my calendar. THANKS! If you’d like to receive the calendar mailing each fall, stop by the website and add your name to the e-mail list. Or send your mailing address to:


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