My Cholesterol BETTER be better….

This morning I had coffee with no fat-free half and half(yes, there is such a thing,even though I know it sounds like an oxymoron)….just plain ole black coffee. No likee! Why would I subject myself to such deprivation? Because I am having my yearly physical exam, and to get a good read on your cholesterol numbers, you can’t eat, and can only drink water or plain coffee or tea.
So with an appointment at 10 AM, it’s tough, because I am a breakfast eater. Every morning I have the same thing….and actually the same thing for lunch every day. I know it sounds boring, but I love them both…I’ll share my same ole, same ole tomorrow….

But as God as my witness, if my cholesterol isn’t good this year…THERE IS NO JUSTICE! I eat right, and look at all the crap, I mean, supplements I take to stay healthy. And honestly, this is just part of them…I didn’t want to look like too much of a freak.
Too late, you say? Well, as the famous Sun writer H.L.Mencken used to reply to those who would criticize him for his columns, “You may be right.”
But come on, all the fish oil, the borage oil, the vitamins…..and I exercise, I forgot to mention…my cholesterol should be better. If it’s not, I give up. Not really…I never give up.


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