Bridge Horror….

What a terrible, terrible scene today in Minneapolis. Just that awful feeling of thinking of the people on that bridge, right at that moment….a bridge that for many of the victims, they have no doubt crossed hundreds, maybe thousands of times, never giving it a thought. My son’s girlfriend just flew out of
Minneapolis yesterday.

And then, I thought about the story we did in July about phobias…11 News Lisa Robinson bravely revealing her own phobia of crossing big bridges. Everyone being so reassuring that the bridge is safe…of course the bridge is safe…except, when it’s not.
I heard on NBC this morning from Bob Hager that there have been seven major bridge collapses in the last 40 years. That sounds like a lot, and it really puts the spotlight on problems with U.S. infrastructure, and the money that is being spent(or not) on making sure things are safe.
What a heartbreaking time for the families whose loved ones just never came home…that growing sense of dread when you can’t reach them by cellphone, and you know they take that bridge every day. Just hoping, wishing they’ll call and say, “Hey, I’m OK.”


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