The Trouble with Gutters…

Ok, if you have gutters, you probably know what the trouble with gutters is…they get stopped up. See this gutter way up there? The one with a lilttle green plant growing from it? That is what happened when I was out of town in July, and came home to find a stinky flooded basement and a sick Wild Kitty?
It doesn’t account for WK, but the mini flood was caused by this very gutter. This past weekend when we had a brief torrential rain and I was home to see it, the water was gushing…gushing over the edge of the gutter right in front of a door that leads into the basement. The little drain there must have been overwhelmed, poor thing, though it must be said, the drain didn’t have to help with the cleanup.
But the gutter cleaners have been called to make them flow freely once again…probably stopped up with some blasted black walnut from that tree. Oh I tell you, and many of you know of what I speak….it’s a bad, bad feeling when a hard rain comes down, and you wonder…wonder…what’s on the other side of that basement door. Hmmm? Wet, or dry….Bad gutter!!


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