From Bel Air to L.A.!!

OK, let’s all agree on one thing…two actually. Julianne Irwin is cute as a button(whatever that means), and the girl can sing. If you haven’t caught the voice that landed her in the top ten of NBC’s America’s Got Talent, you’ll get another chance to see her in action tonight, AND a chance to vote for this Maryland teenager. She’s from Bel Air(or as the NBC website says Bel Aire)….
I talked to her by satellite, an interview which was NOT easy to set up thanks to difficulty with the show producers, but Julienne is such a lovely young woman…has incredible poise to be only 14…amazing really.
We talked about how she keeps her nerves under control on national tv, who does her clothing(she said the first dress she wore was hers, but the one she wears tonight was picked by a stylist, natch), and said she has picked up more than a few makeup tips from the professionals. And no doubt, if you looked at her first look above…her real look..and the more glammed up image, you can see the stylists at work.
Check her out tonight on NBC at 8:00, and my interview with Julienne will air tomorrow morning on 11 News Today….I really think Julienne can win, as she has it all…poise, good looks, and above all, loads of talent.


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