Crocs? Horrors!!

Remember this picture from a couple of days ago?My daughter called me last night, horrified. ” I was just reading your blog, and I can’t BELIEVE you showed you feet in those really ugly shoes! That is so embarrassing!”
(you have to understand here, that when it comes to me, my daughter is easily embarrassed…)
“Why?”, I asked, “Lots of people wear crocs.”
She agreed with that and added, “But should they? And in that color?”
Ok, the color selection was totally my fault….the original navy was much much better, but, there it is. Mud brown.
“Mom, you really shouldn’t put things like that on your blog. Seriously.”
And here’s the thing. SHE IS SERIOUS.
So, to my sweet, fashion forward daughter, I apologize for stepping publicly into the Croc zone, even temporarily. But I do kinda like them.(Sorry!)


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