Revisionist Friday Night

Friday nights are important to me. I love them. Sometimes it’s nice to go out for dinner, maybe a movie, and sometimes I’d rather just hang at home… get a pizza and watch something from Netflix….movies which often languish on the table looking at me, wondering why I’m not looking at them. You know. “You rented me, why not watch me?”

This past Friday, I wanted to go to a place the lovely Deborah Weiner told me about….describing eating outside on the patio at Ruth Chris Pier Five….lovely, nice place for a drink and a “crabtini”….sounded like just the thing.

Discussion on getting there went like this….”So where is it?”
“Eastern Avenue and Pier Five”.
“Where’s that?”
“You know….by Pier Six.”
“THis side or that side of Pier Six”
“That side I think.”
“Well, then it can’t be on Eastern Avenue.”
“Why not?”
“It just can’t”
“Well. it is.”
“So what’s the address?”

Road fight….

But we finally arrive, and there is a patio, nicely furnished with tables, chairs and unbrellas, even some sofas(weatherproof, presumably), but in my mind, this place was overlooking the water. Now, I realize that Deborah no doubt never said that…because it isn’t….I inferred it I guess, from the Pier Five location thingie and the glorious description, so while water was never mentioned, I inserted it in my mental picture.
So slight dissapointment already, as we overlook the street, but it’s OK….I can get over it.
I did order the famous crabtini….fabulous really, the biggest lumps of crabmeat I’ve ever seen with a remoulade sauce, served in a martini glass…really delicious. (I wish I had a picture for you but I forgot my phone.)
A pomatini made with pomegranite juice …and I want to warn you….THAT, is one strong concoction. And some gumbo…just fine, but I’ve had better in New Orleans. Perhaps that’s an unfair comparison. No, I’m sure it is.
I realized I way overthought what I was wearing…while one table of six is dressed for dinner, other diners include three guys in t-shirts and flip-flops, a group of three who look like they’ve been sightseing and are still lugging water bottles, so pretty casual.
But the food was great, it didn’t rain, and I didn’t get a mosquito bite…all in all, a success!


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