MY Mosquito Bite Cure

OK, yesterday at five we had a piece about things in your kitchen to keep mosquitoes away and to help with the bite, like an antihistamine. I don’t know if they work or not, never having tried them, but something that I know does work is…drum roll please…..ta-dah…vinegar! Yep, just plain old regular vinegar.
A neighbor passed this tip along to me years ago, and today I always keep vinegar on hand, and even take it on vacations. (Yes, people think I’m weird.)
The idea is, when a skeeter bites you, as soon as possible dab or splash on a little vinegar. For me, something in the vinegar seems to neutralize the bite. It never develops into a red swollen itchy lump. The next day I might be able to see where the bite was, but it doesn’t itch. I swear!

Now you don’t need fancy vinegars like the one here…in fact, balsamic vinegars with some sugar in them would probably be counter productive….and a total waste of money…I hate that. However, if you are looking for a really different balsamic vinegar, I love this fig balsamic made by Bistro Blends. I found it at the St. Michael’s Wine Festival….they make some really different blends of balsamic…sun-dried tomato, Thai sesame, blackberry….but I love the fig. A little of drizzled over summer tomatoes and fresh mozzarella…heaven!


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