Ugly, But They’re Mine!

I have watched the Crocs craze from afar this year….I mean, they must be comfortable..I have seen entire Croc-shod families trekking along streets from Freeport, Maine to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Little kids, even grown men, all wearing these clunky looking plastic shoes, like they were fabulous!
It’s not their intrinsic ugliness that bothered me, after all, I am devoted to my Uggs…another unattractive(ask any man)but deliciously comfortable shoe. When I slip my toes into that soft shearling….mmmmm, I long for cooler weather just thinking of them. But I digress.
My Mom led me by the hand into the world of Crocs, by ordering a pair for my birthday this summer. They came a little too small, in navy, so I returned them, getting a larger size in a color called chocolate. Perhaps Mud or Dirt would have been a better moniker, but there’s no doubt I will not have to worry about gardening soil showing on these shoes.
Honestly, I wasn’t sure I liked them when I first put them on. They felt…I don’t know…funny. I usually wear flip-flops of some sort when I’m at home or running to the store.
These don’t show my pedi…minus points for that, but they are undeniably comfy. Bouncy, roomy…I think I like them. They have been my at home shoe of choice for a few days now…maybe that says it all.


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