L.L . Out of Control??

Lindsay, get a driver for Pete’s sake…..you can afford one. Ok,ok, that doesn’t get to the root of Lohan’s drug problem, not even close. But it would keep her off the road and being a danger to everyone else. Would she still be able to drink and do drugs? Sure, but that’s clearly not a problem, in spite of two stints in the wildly expensive rehab Promises.
Ever check out the website for this place?
Tucked into the Santa Monica Mountains with a gorgeous panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, Promises Malibu offers an unparalleled recovery experience. Our Malibu facility offers uncommon luxury…” and oceanfront rooms, massages, natch, but ummmm, does it work, the luxurious spa/rehab?

Surely it does for some well-heeled addicts, but for others, maybe not so much.
But no matter where you go, if you’ve ever done much study on addiction, you know it’s the rare person who kicks their drug or drugs of choice with one try. It often takes more than one, sometimes more than two or three…I’ve heard relapse called one of the stages of recovery, it’s so common.
So don’t count Lindsay out, but get off the streets girl! I guess now that she is facing some serious, possibly state prison time, that driver is finally in place, making the byways of L.A. a little safer, for those who can’t afford a driver and aren’t using, but simply trying to get to work every day(aka real job), and take their kids to school.


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