Tales from Artscape

Artscape is a must every year for…..no, I mean, a MUST….because WBAL has a tent there and those of us who work on air staff a table under that tent and take two hour stretches signing autographs.
You meet a really interesting variety of people who stop by…partly for a water bottle, and partly for an autograph. Lots of cute, cute little kids (who of course have no idea who you are), some serious news hounds who really do watch a lot, and all those in between.
My time in the tent was spent alongside Marianne Banister(someone asked were we sisters), the I-team reporter David Collins(someone asked was he in sports), and the lovely Jennifer Franciotti who is a star in the early morning 11 News Today. Anyone who can look that good and do that quality of work in those hours is a find.
People do say some funny things though…most of which we hear all the time, such as “You look so much better in person”. And then there was that one woman who watched me on Evening Magazine in the 80s….”Remember when you were really skinny?”
Now, what is the answer to that? “Sure I do, and remember when you were really polite?” Actually I don’t remember ever being really skinny.
David Collins sweetly whispered to me after she left, “I think you’re skinny now”.
He is the nicest man.
But we had fun under the tent, met some nice folks, signed lots of pics, handed out lots of water bottles….and enjoyed a little people watching ourselves. I


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