Best Place to Red Harry Potter’s Final Book

I was reading how Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter movies, would soon be coming into millions of dollars in an investment fund…, happy birthday Daniel.
And keep in mind he has a couple more movies to do!
Haven’t started HP and the Deathly Hallows yet…heck, I have’t even bought it. But I will, having read all the others and enjoyed them….though I don’t think any of the books will match the sheer pleasure of the first. So different, such rich and compelling imagery, being swept into Harry’s magical world of Hogwarts was an unforgettable experience.

This weekend, I caught this neighbor in what may be the optiimum position to devour the last HP book…warm sunshine, nice breeze, a hammock and a good book…what’s not to like? If you have a better pic, send it in and I’ll post it…but I doubt this can be topped.
Oh, AND…..according to the Ideal Bite, the printing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows novel will use more sustainable paper than any previous book. “Of the 16,700 tons of paper used in the first printing of the final book, 65% was certified by the the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably harvested.”


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