What Are You Watching This Summer??

It used to the that summer tv viewing fell into the doldrums, as your favorite series went into reruns. And while while lots of shows ARE showing “encore presentations”, other networks figured out it’s a great time to show a new series and find some interested viewers….

Here are my finds so far…..first John from Cincinnati on HBO. It’s weird but wonderful series about a dysfunctional surfing dynasty family in Imperial Beach California….It features a big, fascinating cast including Luke Perry and Rebecca DeMornay, though it would be helpful if you started this one from the beginning. It’s a little…. complicated.

One you can pick up from the middle, and the episodes air a lot, is Burn Notice. Jeffrey Donovan stars an international spy who finds himself blacklisted, which means while they aren’t gonna kill him, he has no credit, no accounts, no nothing. So he survives by taking little cases here and there in Miami. It’s funny, really funny , and I officially have a huge crush on Donovan. Please don’t tell anyone.

Last but not least, and not a new show so it’s been discovered, but MI-5 on the BBC is new to me this season. I love this show….great action, great back stories on the complicated British agents in charge England’s national security….terrific show. If you want to catch up this season, there’s an MI-5 marathon July 22nd, starting at 3 PM…. Enjoy!!


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