The Adventures of Wild Kitty Continue….

Here you see Wild Kitty staring longingly for something he has misplaced.
It all started when WK ran in the back doors, which were open, with SOMETHING clutched in his mouth. My first thought was that it had to be a bird, and I DID NOT WANT HIM TO RELEASE IT IN THE HOUSE. But as I yelled “No Wild Kitty….NO!”, to oblige me, he dropped it. And away ran a chipmunk , skittering across the floor. A reinvigorated WK who forgets the NO part, grabs him again and up the steps they go. Into the bedroom where he drops it again, it goes under the bed then into my closet,(and Muffy the calico is now in on the action). I honestly don’t remember at this point if I was yelling….perhaps not. My goal was to get the chipmunk out of the house, preferably in one piece and breathing….not always easy with two cats behind him.
The chipmunk makes a break for the doorway, down the steps to the glass storm door…WK misses this as he is searching elsewhere….but Muffy follows, as do I.
The poor little thing is jumping repeatedly the few inches past the bottom frame to the glass, as he can see freedom, but can’t get to it.
Nearing the door, I try to quietly unlock it, thinking, “Oh please don’t run..this is your only chance, my little friend.”
He doesn’t make a break for it, I open the door and he’s gone… scared but hopefully not injured.
WK sulked around for a while sniffing everywhere for his lost treasure, but like so many things in life, when it’s gone, it’s gone baby gone.

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