What’s in that water bottle??? Hmm?

For quite a while, when I buy a bottle of water, I reuse it. Just rinse it out(using soap if I feel extra energetic)and reuse it, because the world is awash in plastic water bottles!
But when my sister told me that those bottles, when reused, leach dangerous chemicals into your water, I went right out and got a washable, more permanant way to carry my H2O. But I wondered, is that really true, the leaching thing? So I did a little research, and found some really helpful(and understandable) info from John Hopkins, which I thought you’d find interesting too.
Basically, what you want to avoid is heating things in plastic…which I already avoid. And remember, tap water(and I love Baltie water…it is very, very good) is much more regulalted than bottled water.
Reusing plastic water bottles seems to be ok, though I think I’ll stick with my new one….it has a little pop up straw under the cap.
And if you are someone who buys cases of bottled water every week… please, please recycle the bottles, don’t throw them away! Did you know only one out of four gets recycled? Criminal.


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