Restoration, Sweet Restoration

OK, I have an “olde bathroome”….nothing structurally wrong with it…you know, just dated. And while right now I don’t want to spend the likely 8-10 grand it would take to gut it and put in what I DO want, it can look better with from “freshening”. Refinish the tub, which is the process(phew!)you see going on in the picture, new shower head, some paint, new lighting, hardware etc.
I won’t lie, there has been some disagre…..I mean, discussion, about this project. Is it worth it, so much trouble, who cares, it looks just fine… you know the kind of arguments you can get over something like this. But I will prevail, and as you see, it’s already underway, with certainty it will look much, much improved. Not perfect, not truly what I want by any stretch, but better.
Now, it only means trips to the paint store, Home Depot, Restoration Hardware…let’s see, did I forget anything? No, I think that covers it.
And here’s what no one knows but me.
My sister and her husband will be spending next Sunday night here, so IT HAS TO BE FINISHED BY THEN.
Put this project on hyperdrive…..


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