I’ve Created a Hairy Monster

I’ve talked about hair here before…how it’s all about the hair on television.
No matter what you do, how great a newscast you do, what a terrific story you do, if the hair is not right, it’s all many viewers can see. So, when I put my hair up a few weeks ago, on a hot sticky day for the first time(this summer, I did it once last summer), I knew people would do a double take…what happened to her hair??? Here are some of the comments…

This from Stevie

i’m not sure of her name, as i usually watch 5/6p and 11p news, but the newscaster on today’s noon new had the most adorable hair do!
(Thanks Stevie, I’m Donna, nice to meet you.)

From Warren….
I was watching your 5:00 newscast today and saw Donna had her hair up….all I can say is wow….

This from Dick…
We just wanted to let Donna Hamilton know we love her hair up…It’s the best Ive ever seen her…she looks 20 years old.
(Here’s a man who knows how to give a compliment….)

Here’s another…
I just wanted to let Donna know I really liked hair up, and wanted to know if the headband and bun holder was all one piece or separate.. I couldn’t tell.
(Two pieces, headband and hair clip)

And this from Anne…
Just a note to let Donna Hamilton know that she looked WONDERFUL with
her hair up the other day…she is very attractive to begin with, and
having her hair up and back really enhanced her features…I LOVE TV11
news especially at 5….Good Job Everyone!!!

So I have created somewhat of a hairy monster in myself. You see the conundrum…people like it, I like it, but I won’t wear it like that everyday. Now when I wear my hair down, which I will do today, taking advantage of a pleasant weather Friday, I feel vaguely like I’m letting everyone down….”Oh, she has her hair down today…click.”
You’re right, I’m over thinking this…..waaaaaay over thinking this, but I may get some more headbands.


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