Me and ME……

THE WEBMASTER TELLS ME HE WAS CONFUSED BY THE TITLE OF THIS POST….So, if you didn’t get it….Me is me Donna, and ME is the abbreviation for Maine. GET IT NOW?
OK, let’s see….we’ve been to Rhode Island,”stone walls and hydrangeas, what’s not to like”, and to Cape Cod,”homemade pies and ice cream, what’s not to like”, and now it’s on to Maine.
I was staying outside the little town of Harrison(actually I never really saw a town, but perhaps there was one), but close by are the sweet little towns of Naples which you see here..charming, and Bridgton, home to some of the cutest shops I’ve ever seen….
like Blueberries and ME, and my favorite, The Cool Moose. A sweatshirt from the Moose was the ONE thing my daughter wanted from the trip.

It’s all right on Long Lake, about an hour outside of Portland….we were there for a few glorious, cool days…eating takeout lobsters with melted butter, and with the leftovers, making a spread from chopped lobster, roasted red peppers, and taramasalata(a Greek caviar spread you can get at Eddie’s).

I have to tell you they were some fine days….this little float place was parked right outside the Sandy’s Flight Deck restaurant where I was having lunch!
And if you do go to Maine, you should at least consider a side trip to Freeport….home to outlet heaven, but a pretty town in itself, AND the mothership to L.L.Bean, which is open 24/7, and has been since the 1950s!

The day we were there, the CEO and grandson of the L.L. Bean was doing a book signing, but they also have a summer concert series(Eric Clapton had been there a couple of days previous as a spectator), all kinds of fly fishing expos….it was an unbelievable place. This is one of those commercial establishments, that definitely gets it.


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